Feel the Bern Cream Update

Feel the Bern Cream Update

Feel The Bern Cream

Towards the end of Summer we released a special edition Feel The Bern Cream and pledged to donate all revenue from its sales to the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign. Just before Christmas we sold the last Bern Cream bringing the total gross revenue raised to $1,131.86. We donated all of this to the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign just before the 2019 campaign contribution deadline. If you missed out on our limited edition Bern Cream, you can still donate to Bernie's campaign by clicking here.

Screenshot of Campaign Contribution Receipt

We are personally thrilled and incredibly proud of our customers for sharing their support for a cause we believe in. If there is a single issue that brought us together in our support of Bernie Sanders campaign it's his plan for Medicare for all. As owner-operators of a self-funded and very small business, we have seen the dire need for a shift in the way that healthcare is provided in our country.


We had a lot of fun with this product release and would love to do more like it. Let us know what your thoughts are on single-payer, Medicare for all, Bernie Sanders, Sun Burn, or anything you'd like us to work on, whether it's more Bern Cream or supporting a different cause.

A big thank you to all our friends and customers of any political persuasions...But especially to our fellow pinkos who are FEELIN' THE BERN!



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