Save Green, Go Green!

Hi Everyone, 

As many of you may know, we recently opened up our Tiny Soap Shop with the hope that we will transition it into a full re-opening next month. We wanted to take a moment to remind you about some changes you may see as you reenter our store!

Over the past year we have happily transitioned all of our products into glass and recyclable and reusable packaging in an attempt to limit the amount of plastic that is consumed. We have also redesigned our logo and labels to reflect a fresh new approach to our products. Our goal is to provide more options to go plastic-free with our products, as well as use packaging that can be reused so as not to go to waste. We are continuing to offer our returnable growler for our castile soap so you can return the growler for a $3 credit and we will sanitize and reuse it! We will be reopening the store with a greater focus on offering you sustainable products and sustainable home goods to help people transition some everyday items into zero-waste options.

To celebrate Earth Day we are offering 20% our most sustainable products - shampoo and conditioner bars and our refillable growler - until the end of the month!** Thank you so much for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!

Bathe Responsibly- The Mount Royal Team

**discount runs from April 22, 2021 - April 30, 2021. Discounts are automatically applied at checkout. 

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