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Complexion Clay Mask

Complexion Clay Mask


We gently blend natural clays and powdered botanicals with premium essential oils to make these customizable clay masks that are suited for all skin types. 

Our pink mask uses kaolin and moroccan red clays to tone and balance your skin. Pumpkin seed powder and ground rose hips are anti-inflammatory and contain a bunch of vitamins that make this mask perfect for sensitive, irritated, and/or aging skin. Geranium and carrot seed oils balance your complexion and kill bacteria. 


Our green mask uses bentonite and dead sea clays to absorb excess oil and draw out toxins. Sea kelp flakes and marshmallow root powder soothe inflammation and even out the complexion. Frankincense, tea tree, and clary sage essential oils kill bacteria and tone the skin, making this a great mask for oily or acne-prone skin. 


We carefully sift our masks multiple times before packaging in order to ensure that the essential oils are distributed evenly. These are dry products that are meant to be mixed with water or other liquid before application. We suggest a ratio of 1 tbsp clay to 1/2 tbsp mask. Each jar contains 5-8 applications.

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