Refillable Liquid Soap Growler


Multi-purpose, zero waste! Here's how it works:

  1. When you purchase, $5.00 of the your purchase price goes toward a refundable bottle deposit fee.
  2. We'll ship you a full 750ml growlette of natural castile liquid soap and email you a return shipping label. 
  3. When your growler is empty, wrap it up real nice with the box and packing material we sent it in and ship it back.
  4. When we receive your empty growler we'll send you a filled one, and the cycle starts again!
  5. If at any time you want to get your deposit back, just send us back the empty growler, let us know via note or email that you'd just like to return and we'll refund $5.00 to your account.


Please leave your empty growler by the door after you place your order. We'll pick it up, sterilize it, and return $5.00 from your purchase price.



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