Mount Royal Soap Company was founded in Baltimore, MD in the Spring of 2014 by three soap-obsessed friends:  Matt, Pat & Sam
All three founders were newly in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction at the time and were looking for ways to use their new found time and energy. Making soaps, lotions and skincare products proved to be an amazing way to use our energies in a positive way to help us continue our recovery journey.
For years we had studied, developed our recipes, fine-tuned our craft, and tested our products on lucky friends and family members for years as hobbyists. With a passion for handmade artisan goods, a concern for our local economy, and a love of all things great smelling, we decided to offer the fruits of our collective knowledge and efforts to the public.  In the end we do this because we love making soap and unique, natural skincare products.
From the beginning, we have been fully committed to making products which are PALM OIL FREE, plant based, cruelty free and as low waste and zero waste as possible.
Our customers know this when they use our products and enjoy the quality that can only come from a labor of love. Our goal is to provide the best sustainably sourced bath and body products to as many people as we can while maintaining our small batch production process right here in Baltimore.
We began selling our products at Baltimore Farmers Markets in 2015. We quickly gained an amazingly loyal following in just a few years attending the markets. In 2018, we took the leap into opening our first retail store in Baltimore City in the great neighborhood of Remington. In the back of the store we were able to make enough products to keep up with demand, but with the huge demand of soap and hand sanitizer during the pandemic, we quickly outgrew our maker space in the back of our store.  We opened our first factory in the summer of 2020 just 2 miles from out store in the neighborhood of Woodbury.
In 2022, Mount Royal has grown to now 10 full time employees and is looking ahead to opening its second retail location at the brand new Lexington Market in downtown Baltimore City in October.  We can't wait to see you there!