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Update:  A note about pick up hours effective 5/3/2020:

We have now implemented a free pick up option for online purchases. Feel free to order online and come by and pick up your order. Pick ups are  Monday through Saturday from noon to 6pm. 

2740 A Huntingdon Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211

Questions or concerns:

Text or call 443 826 9863

Bathe Responsibly

Concerning CORONAVIRUS aka COVID-19:

We realize that our community's health may in some significant part depend upon its access to a supply of goods that we happen to make. We can produce 200 pounds of sterile, natural handwashing soap that won't harm the bay.

Our Mission

At Mount Royal Soaps we believe in conscious formulations. Our products are crafted to be as simple and effective as possible while creating the least amount of environmental impact. We believe in sustainably sourced ingredients and we're proud to say that all of our products are 100% palm-free. 

Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is found in many soap and skincare products. It is well-suited to bath and body product formulations but, more appealingly to large corporations, it is very inexpensive. The high demand for palm oil has led to serious deforestation in many rainforests but especially those in Indonesia. Through significant research we have formulated a blend of other vegetable oils that mimic the properties of palm oil and produce a hard and lathering bar of soap so that you and your conscience can be clean.

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