Made in Good Conscience

We prioritize our employees, our community, and our planet to bring you products that you can feel good about using

Because our workers feel good about making them

Living Wage


4 Day Workweek


Production Manager


Lead Artisan


Assistant Shop Manager

Because our community feels good about our support

Fundraising Campaigns for Community Orgs

Advocacy for Pedestrian Safety & Community Improvements

Monthly Vendor Events and Night Markets

Pride Month Campaign

100% Of Sales Donated to Safe Haven Baltimore

Support for the 28th St. Bike Lane

Calming traffic, protecting cyclists and pedestrians

Night Markets

Free Local Beer! Local makers and food trucks

Because our planet feels good about our ingredients

Palm Oil Free

Palm oil is a highly sought-after ingredient in the personal care and food industry. The demand for it has led to serious deforestation and conservation issues in the areas that it is harvested in. We believe there is no sustaible source of palm oil and have chosen to avoid it altogether.

Reduced Plastic & Recycled Packaging

Plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle, and almost impossible to break down naturally, so we have switched to glass packaging wherever possible. We sterilize and reuse glass packaging that is returned to us, and we make our own shipping material out of used cardboard.

Biodegradeable Soap and Cleansing Agents

Because it ends up down the drain, after all.