Sex Panther - Olive Oil Massage  Candle
Sex Panther - Olive Oil Massage  Candle
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Sex Panther - Olive Oil Massage Candle

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Use this candle to work out your kinks 😉

Light to set the mood and then blow it out and pour the warm oil onto skin to start a luxurious massage. This years candle scent profile is a sultry blend of vanilla, tobacco, and jasmine. 

Smells so good it should be illegal in 9 countries.




Light candle and let burn for 10-15 minutes so enough oil can form. Blow out the candle and either pour the oil directly onto the skin or apply with your fingertips. Since this candle is oil-based, it burns at a lower temperature and will be warm and skin safe when you pour. Enjoy!




Ingredients:  Soy wax, olive oil, fragrance

3.5 oz candle