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  • Bathe Responsibly

    Bathe Responsibly

    Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is found in many soap and skincare products. It is well-suited to bath and body product formulations but, more appealingly to large corporations, it is very inexpensive. The high demand for palm oil has led to serious deforestation in rainforests but especially those in Indonesia. When portions of rainforest are cleared to make way for palm oil plantations local people often lose their homes and already endangered species are put at even greater risk. We believe that there is no way to know if palm oil has been sustainably sourced and have instead decided...

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  • Save The USPS

    Save The USPS

    As a small business that relies more than ever on the USPS to deliver to our customers, we view threats to the USPS as existential to our survival as well...
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