Dark Chocolate Peanut Brittle - Jinji Chocolate
Jinji Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Peanut Brittle - Jinji Chocolate

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Dark chocolate with gently sweetened candied peanuts. By Jinji Chocolate. 2.5 oz. Made in Baltimore. Shelf-stable to 2 months.


Jinji Chocolate was founded in 2012 by Jinji Fraser, and her father, Guy. Since the beginning, the priority has been maintaining a high level of sensitivity to the farmers who grow & harvest the cacao, and to the earth that yields the fruits. Along with local, seasonally selected ingredients, the chocolates also pay tribute to the ancient art of storytelling, creating rich flavor profiles that are both complex and memorable. All our chocolates are made simply, without dairy or gluten, so you can experience the full flavor of hand-harvested cacao.