Sea Ya Later Candle
Mount Royal Soap Co.

Sea Ya Later Candle

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Ahoy there, dive deep into the tranquil abyss with our sea minerals scented soy, I mean candle! Each tiny twinkle calls ye on a peaceful journey to the mighty deep. Wrought from natural soy wax, this candle stands for purity and conservation, promising a cleaner, enduring glow. With a hearty forty-hour burn, she's the perfect shipmate for a restful spell or a calming soak.

Breathe in the invigorating tang of the open sea with our signature scent. It captures the wild spirit of salty waves and fresh sea mist. Steeped in high-quality fragrance oils, its robust scent map transforms any berth into a seaside refuge, sparking a laid-back ambiance.

For those sea dogs yearning for sensible indulgence, the Sea Minerals soy beacon merges wellness and witticism, a true sailor's delight!