Vaxed and Waxed Candle
Mount Royal Soap Co.

Vaxed and Waxed Candle

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Let’s be real. You’ve been trapped in a makeshift home office for 2+ years and your body needs a beach and a beverage. This cheeky candle’s fragrance is giving sun-drenched coconut with a splash of high tide, a confident coastal breeze that says to your inbox: Not today, Satan. Its seaside aroma is HERE for you, cheering you on as you disconnect your phone from work email and pack your suitcase with 10 too many vacation outfits. It’s the friend who reminds you that your butt DOES look good in that swimsuit— it’s what you need. Available while seasonal supplies last!

Burn time: 40 hours

Weight: 7oz

Dimensions: Height 3.5", Diameter 3"

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, and (always!) phthalate-free fragrance oil